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This unique, patented packaging system is engineered with a heavy-duty, integrated, bottom-lift, pallet bonded to an upper flexible, liquid-tight, containment system meeting the strict requirements of UN D.O.T 51H packaging requirements.


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The containment pallet features 4 integral interior anchor points and 2-10,000 lb ratchet straps for securing the load in the Transformer Containment Pallet™.


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Once the load is secured, the upper flexible liquid-tight containment system can then be sealed and folded down. The Transformer Containment Pallet™ can then be safely lifted, moved or stored using the heavy-duty, integrated, pallet and tendered for transportation.


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The Transformer Containment Pallet™ is a D.O.T compliant 51H packaging solution for the safe transportation and storage of Packing Group III hazardous articles or PCB contaminated articles.

Product Specifications
# Can contain articles up to 34" x 42"

The Transformer Containment Pallet can be ordered in a pallet of 5 or individually.

Shipping Specifications
PART #QuantityDimensionsWeight
TCP-364430-O5 TCPs41" (L) × 49" (W) × 64" (H)575 lb
TCP-364450-O5 TCPs41" (L) × 49" (W) × 64" (H)600 lb
TCP-364430-O1 TCP41" (L) × 49" (W) × 16" (H)155 lb
TCP-364450-O1 TCP41" (L) × 49" (W) × 16" (H)160 lb


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